Planning and Development Committee Meeting Consolidated Agenda 
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In consideration of the current COVID-19 Public Health orders, prohibiting large public gatherings and requirements for physical distancing between persons, in-person attendance at this Planning and Development Committee Meeting will be limited to Members of Council and essential Town Staff. This meeting will be held as an electronic meeting and is streamed live on the Town's website.

If you would like to register to delegate or have questions or comments regarding items on this agenda, please contact Legislative Services by email to or by phone at 905.584.2272 ext. 2366. Please advise us if you require an accessibility accommodation to participate in the meeting.

In addition to being able to view the live stream, members of the public are invited to call into the meeting to listen to the proceedings at:

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-833-311-4101
Meeting Access Code: 132 509 0871#

That the non-designated properties at 14697 Mount Hope Road and 14684 Regional Road 50 be removed from the Town of Caledon Heritage Register pursuant to section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

That a by-law be enacted to amend By-law 2013-99, as amended, to update the Heritage Property Grant Program Guidelines attached as Schedule A to Staff Report 2021-0025 and to repeal By-law 2017-70 and 2019-16.

That Derek Paterson be appointed as the Heritage Caledon Committee member representative to participate on the Downtown Bolton Task Force.

Whereas the Provincial Policy Statements [PPS] provision under Section 3 of the Planning Act accompanied by Section 2, Provincial Interests, came into being as part of the 1983 Planning Act Reform;

Whereas the Comprehensive PPS was established in 1995 following the 1993 report, New Planning for Ontario, prepared by John Sewell's "Commission on Planning and Development Reform in Ontario;

Whereas the PPS provides the policy basis for good land use planning in Ontario;

Whereas the PPS is to be read as a whole and each relevant policy considered and a balance rigorously attempted for each land use decision through the Official Plan, Zoning and Site Plan levels;

Whereas the PPS applies to all decisions in respect of the exercise of any authority that affects a planning matter;

Whereas Section 47 of the Planning Act, 1990 gives the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing the authority to rezone, without public notice or hearing, any property in Ontario;

Whereas a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) made under section 47 of the Planning Act are decisions subject to the rules of administrative law and based on sound land use planning information;

Whereas exempting MZOs from conformity to the PPS destroys the credibility of land use decisions made under MZOs attracting the appearance of personal favour delivery, destroying public trust in government;

Whereas Bill 257, Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, 2021, Schedule 3 proposes to amend the Planning Act to provide that MZOs made under section 47 are not required and are deemed to never have been required to be consistent with policy statements issued under subsection 3 (1);

Now therefore be it resolved that the Council of the Town of Caledon vigorously opposes Schedule 3 of Bill 257, Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, 2021, on the basis that public trust in government is essential for democracy to work and nothing erodes this trust and turns voters against governments more rapidly than the appearance of corruption: the suspicion, valid or otherwise, that politicians are exploiting their power for their own or private interests;

That a copy of this motion be provided to the Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin-Caledon and municipalities in Ontario.

Whereas both the Town and Region are undergoing major Official Plan Reviews;

And whereas the Region planners intend to forward a draft Peel Official Plan to the Province in June 2021, four months away;

And whereas the Region Official Plan deals primarily with the Town of Caledon “White Belt” lands, determining the shape and where employment lands will occur, Major Transit Station locations and other detailed policies to govern urban growth in Caledon;

And whereas the pace and content of the Regional Official Plan Review are not well understood by the Council of the Town of Caledon;

And whereas there is a large volume of significant land development enquiries being received by the Town;

Now therefore be it resolved that the Planning and Development Committee become a centre of land use planning matters in the Town;

And further that the Planning and Development Committee Agenda include a verbal update on the progress and content of both the Regional and Town Official Plan Reviews and a specific background policy paper discussion at each meeting.

Whereas the rules of procedure for Heritage Caledon Committee meetings are highly constricted having no means for Committee members to raise urgent business items, make enquires or register notices of motion;

Now therefore be it resolved that the rules of procedure for Heritage Caledon Committee meetings be amended to provide opportunity for urgent business, enquiries and notices of motion.

Memorandum from Laura Hall, Director, Corporate Services / Town Clerk, regarding a Notice of Motion Request for a Change in Meeting Procedures for the Heritage Caledon Committee, dated March 23, 2021 

Correspondence from Jessica Lisi, Director of Social Media & Events, Caledon Chamber of Commerce regarding Member Nomination for the Bolton Revitalization Task Force, dated March 1, 2021

Correspondence from Jean Carberry, Chair and Board Member for the Downtown Bolton Business Improvement Area, regarding Member Nomination to the Bolton Revitalization Task Force, dated March 2, 2021